Where will the Symposium take place?

It will take place at the University of Edinburgh, in the area of Old Town. This is the first time it will happen in Scotland.

edinburgh map




From the 16th to the 18th of June.


In previous years it was a little later, why is it in June?

Edinburgh is famous for its festivals. The biggest festival happens in August and prices skyrocket and accommodations and venues are limited. During July, there are also several events that make it challenging for Edinburgh to host the symposium.


Does it have a cost?

Attending the symposium is free. However, obvious expenses such as traveling and accommodation need to be paid by the participants.


Why should I participate?

There are several reasons to do it. First, as postgraduate students we are expected to present our work, and this provides an opportunity to do so in a relaxed setting. Second, it will help network with other Mexican students from different parts of the UK. Third, you could develop some transferable skills presenting, writing, answering questions, etc. At the end, there are hundreds of reasons to participate and everyone has their own, even if it’s just coming to Edinburgh.


Is there any kind of support for Symposium delegates?

Some monetary support will be given to some of the participants who are presenting their work at the Symposium. Moreover, a couch surfing style system is being arranged with students living in Edinburgh to help keep costs down for delegates.


Is food going to be provided?

Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided during the event. However, participants should make their own dinner arrangements.


What is the title of the Symposium?

The title is “Knowledge into Solutions”. The main theme is taking the knowledge students are generating with their research and taking it to the real world.


I work in basic science, can I still participate in the symposium?

Yes. Although, the topic is “Knowledge into Solutions,” it still is the Symposium of Mexican Students and Studies. The priority is the Symposium, and the topic is more catered towards the plenary talks than the student talks. All Mexican student in the UK (or basically anywhere) and postgraduate students studying Mexico are welcome to participate.


I don’t work in any of the areas highlighted in the call for abstracts, can I still participate?

Yes. The areas in the call for abstracts were inspired by the priority areas of CONACYT. However, we are aware that there are a lot of people working in other areas. You are welcome to participate whether you are studying biology, philosophy, business or engineering. Again, the main priority is “Mexican Students and Studies” in general, not the topic areas or the theme.


When is the call for abstracts closed?

The original call for abstracts closes in the 17th of April. However, a new call for abstracts might open if there are still places available for student presentations. The committee will decide the new date and announce it when appropriate.


How can I participate?

There are three style of presentations: poster, presentation or round table. The information can be found in the call for abstracts.


I don’t have anything to present, can I still come?

Yes. Anyone interested is welcome to attend the event. Just be aware that places are limited and presenters will have priority. You will also need to let us know of your intention to come to the symposium by registering through Eventbrite.


I’m a Masters student, can I participate even if I don’t have anything to present?

Yes. Depending on numbers, we might allow Master’s students to present their project proposal as we understand that they might not have results yet.


I am not from Mexico, can I participate?

If your topic of study is related to Mexico, then you can participate as a presenter. Otherwise, you are still welcome to attend, but presentations must be from Mexican students and studies.


When is the programme coming out?

A preliminary programme will be published in the second half of April. The final programme will depend on the participation of the students. We aim to have a finalised version ready in May.



By Alvaro

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