Fancy a bevy?

Most of us enjoy drinking a good pint with friends, after a rough day, to relax or while watching our favourite sport. Edinburgh it’s a perfect place for it. There’s evidence to support that some sort of fermented beverages were being brewed possibly as early as the mid to late 4th millennium B.C. So, we can say the Scottish people know what they are

The city of Edinburgh has more pubs than any other council area in Scotland and you will most surely find a pub that suits your preferences. Here you have just a few ideas: visit the oldest pub in Edinburgh and maybe in Scotland, The Sheep Heid Inn, established in 1360, or, when we are lucky enough to have a sunny day in Edinburgh, there’s no better place than The Pear Tree House, which features a beer garden and it’s located only a few steps away from the central campus of the University of Edinburgh.

If you like to try different types of beers, new and seasonal or even exotic ones, Edinburgh has few options to choose, such as Ushers (Andrew Usher & Co) located next to the central campus offering an outstanding selection of both draft and bottled craft beers and ales, or Brew Dog where you can find bottled and canned beers in a variety of styles such as ale, stout, IPA and lager, including strong beers, and can be found in Cowgate. Another similar pub is located to the west of the central area on Lothian Road and it’s called The Hanging Bat. It offers independently brewed beers and ales including over twenty draft beers and one hundred bottled beers.

And why not just trust your instinct and choose a pub while you take a stroll. With all the variety of places and beers found in this city, it doesn’t matter what kind of beers is you like the most, you will certainly have an array to choose from and enjoy.

So, when you come to take part of the XIV Symposium of Mexican Students and Students in Edinburgh, try one (or a few) of the so many different Scottish bevvies!


by Ricardo Lopez Chavez

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